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Both parents are required to attend

Please let us know before hand if both parents can not attend and the reason for this. We may ask you to bring written consent letter for the the other parent.

Please note, our Sheffield clinic is closed till further notice. If you need a follow up appointment, please contact us. We shall be happy to see your child at our Leeds or Middlesbrough clinic.



All bookings are confirmed by email or text message which contains name of patient, appointment time with date and day, clinic address and directions, and agreed fee.

What happens once you are at one of our clinics:


Before Arrival


Please bring Red book (birth certificate/passport etc) for identification of baby along with other necessary items for routing childcare e.g. spare nappies, wipes etc and distraction toys for older children.


Only two people will be allowed in to surgery with the child for health and safety reasons.


On Arrival

Our receptionist will greet you and guide you to a waiting area. She will arrange for you to see a doctor. We advise the presence of both parents for consent and your child's comfort. We do realise that socially and culturally this is a very important day for the family, however we can not allow too many attendants to avoid over-crowding and in line with health and safety principles in surgery.


Consultation before procedure:

One of our doctors or assistant will take you to a consultation room and ask you to fill in a health questionnaire. The doctor will explain to you about circumcision, the procedure itself, risks and complications associated with the procedure and how to look after the patient at home. Once the doctor has gone through the procedure, he will give you time to ask any question you may have. He will request that both parents sign the consent form. You will be given a written information about how to look after the wound and contact number in case of any concerns. Our doctor will post a letter to your GP/practice so he/she knows that patient had a circumcision.



At treatment room/minor surgery room:

We make sure that whole procedure is pain and stress free both for child and parents. We encourage parents to be present while we are performing the circumcision. Before procedure, we numb the area by giving local anesthetic at the base of penis. Understandably, this involves needle and can cause mild discomfort. Sometimes, we do use local anesthetic cream and a medication to help relax child.



Our doctors are experienced in performing all the available techniques of circumcision. We choose and discuss the procedure which we think is most suitable for the child and older patient. We use plastibell method for very young children and open circumcision method for older children and adults. We explain to parents the reason for choosing that particular technique. All our procedures are stich free except in rare cases.


Post-operative care:

We provide a clear post operative care advice and a leaflet. The on call doctor will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have after circumcision. This can be by text message, phone call or an email. If you have any concerns and contact us, we may ask for picture of circumcision area for the doctor to view. These pictures are deleted as soon as seen by a doctor. Please let us kniw, if you are not comfortable to send us picture.


On call phone: 07580660800









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