• Dr. Atif Rahman(Thursday, October 24 13 11:06 pm BST)

    Its been a pleasure meeting Dr. Mohammad Naseem Khan and Dr. Mohammad Shafiq. Both were extremely competent. The circumcision was done in a very professional and friendly way by following step by step procedure. I am extremely impressed and grateful with the post operation care provided by them that often lack at certain cheap places. I would highly recommend their services and if you believe in quality and expect safe environment with the latest equipment along with excellent customer service, then Northern Circumcision Clinic (NCC) indeed is the place and shall be on the top of the list!

  • Nikoletta Hartmann(Saturday, August 10 13 04:49 pm BST)

    Very friendly and professional doctors. Very safe procedure with clean and quality equipment. Professional doctors guide you through the procedure step by step. My son didn't feel any pain did not even cry after the operation. Very good 24 hours after care. I recommend to anybody that want a safe hassle free circumcisation for newborn

  • Mr and Mrs Jarjou(Sunday, July 14 13 04:32 pm BST)

    Staff were very friendly and a thorough explanation was made on procedure involved. Found it extremely safe, modern and precise. Keep it up. I will definitely recommend your practice to my friends and sundrys.

Mother of I Kassim

(Satureday, December 7 13 01030 am BST)


"I liked the friendly staff. They explained really well the procedure, put my mind at rest"

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